About Us

That Tuscany is a land of freedom, says the story. Here are two great geniuses born gay humanity, Michelangelo and Leonardo Da Vinci, here there was the world capital of sodomy, the Fiorenze of three hundred and four hundred, here, in 1853, the Grand Duke Leopold I depenalizzò, first in Italy, homosexuality, here are Pisa and Empoli, two cities with their registers of civil unions have made history in the path of the Italian gay and lesbian couples to the same dignity. That Tuscany is a big beautiful land, they say it all. From big cities to small medieval villages, by the majestic peaks of the Apuan Alps to the rolling hills of Siena, from the wild beaches of the coast of Livorno and Grosseto to the relaxing spas scattered throughout the region, that there is plenty of choice for your routes. Just discover the warm hospitality of the many B & amp; breakfast gay and gay-friendly Viareggio and Torre del Lago or for those more sporty take a week of camping, to discover a “European” to gay holiday. Just spend a night on the Marina in Torre del Lago to discover one of the most striking phenomena of the fun gay. Just come during the days of Mardi Gras, a kind of “gay pride” Summer, directed dall’incontenibile Fabio Canino, or during one of the many events that are organized from May to September, to understand that there are very few places in Europe where gays and lesbians can have so much fun.