Eat & Drink

Versilia, like Italy in general, is also very famous for its cuisine where traditional recipes and chefs’ creativity, together with natural product of this land, contribute to a winning result.

There are loads of restaurants on the coast, from the famous and most suggested by travel and food guides to the most unknown ones. Keep an eye on the wine-bars as very often it is possible that they serve some food too.

While the coast is famous for the fish dishes, the inland is known for meat dishes, soups and mushrooms. the choice of restaurants is vast and prices are affordable. Pizza places are almost anywhere in Tuscany, around most corners you’ll find a place for a quick slice of pizza.

If you happen to visit Pietrasanta try Enoteca Marcucci (0584/791962) or the warm atmoshpere of the Gatto Nero (0584/70135).
Carrying along the gastronomic tour of this beautiful land, try restaurant Ulisse in Seravezza, if you are into worldliness more than anything, we suggest you the celebrated (and expensive) restaurant Lorenzo in Forte dei Marmi(0584/874030).

Looking for traditional italian cuisine in Pisa? Try Artilafo restaurant (050/27010) or Ristorante Le Bandierine (050/500000). Inside the ancient walls of Lucca you will have no difficulty ion finding restaurants and wine bars but we’d like to suggest you the Buca di S. Antonio (0583/55881) and Osteria Barella (0583/440240). Not far from Lucca another restaurant is worth the visit: La Mora in Ponte a Moriano (0584/406402).

We are sure you will find your way around and discover Tuscany’s beauty and fantastic cuisine.