Miss Transex Italia

Miss Transex Italia

Torre Del Lago, besides the beauty of its territory, has become a unique place in Italy by the example of coexistence of the LGBT community who live there, work there or who are spending their holidays. Besides the sea, without a doubt one of the main reasons why people cross to Torre Del Lago, is the presence of local LGBT and friendly, including the Priscilla Cafe – run by a trans person, Queen Sataria known for countless battles for the rights – to ensure that the holiday will also constitute an important point of integration.

The Adventures of Priscilla, for example, is committed and believes in the inclusion of trans people working. All premises, as well as fun, offering cultural events such as book presentations and debates on social issues of all kinds. In the space of events Priscilla Coffee, in particular, is annually organized the Trans Miss Italy contest – now in its eighteenth edition – that allows you to combine the playfulness of the event, the depth of reflection on the trans issue involving not only leading figures in the world political and entertainment but also people who want to better understand a process of social integration more difficult.

For over three years, then, in Torre del Lago there is Transgenic Counseling helps people to cope with more serenity cross the path of transition MtF and FtM. The Advisory Bureau – funded by the Tuscany Region and maintained by Regina Sataria Fabianna and Tozzi, representing two of the most important Italian associations MIT Transsexual Identity Movement Association and transgender – makes available to its users psychologists, psychiatrists, endocrinologists (for the doctor) and lawyers (for the office).

People who have faced this path, then the opportunity to meet twice a month and share their experiences through the AMA group Help Mutual Help.