Lesbian on the beach

Lesbian on the beach

Sun, sea, night life, but most of all… girls! Looking for girls!

Fancy a holiday? friendships? fun? Do not wait!

From April to September Torre del Lago Puccini, known meeting place of the lesbian community, knows offer you this and much more!

Love the sunlight? From sunrise to sunset tan on the beach and participate in our tournaments: beach tennis, soccer, volleyball and why not… a morning run all together! The day just is not for you, no problem… 18 From the Navy gets to the heart of show! Start enjoying a fantastic aperitif and continue singing and dancing until late at night!
Do not forget the week July 17 to 24, entirely devoted to a public women: a ‚camping area reserved for you, the election of MissGaya, the animation Women ready to brighten your holiday guests, especially women, women, women!

For an unforgettable stay LESCARD remember to buy the special card that will allow you to enjoy discounts and privileges in this magical week!
Are you still there? Hurry! See you there!